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Mirrors are a great way for you and your family to give an illusion of space to any room. It is simple for mirrors to make any room appear larger. Mirrors are almost always needed in certain areas of your home. We offer you mirror in thicknesses that are 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4;. We do excellent mirrored walls, your walls being out of square is no problem for Diablo Glass. We measure exact. Light fixture and outlet cut outs simple for our craftsmen. If it is a simple polished or beveled mirror over a vanity; we complete the job with ease.

We also can fabricate and install multiple mirrors individually cut with the elegant detail of rosettes at each corner as seen in the picture. Diablo Glass will only send the most qualified installers to your home who are perfectionist and we are not done until your job completed to perfection. Ask about our framed mirrors or call us or Request a quote for an estimate. We offer you a variety of wood frames in too many styles to count. Also ask about our aluminum frames to match your shower or bath enclosures for a simple yet modern look. Request a quote for more information. Or visit www.internationalmoulding.com for custom frames. As soon as you find the frame you would like, locate the moulding number and call our office with a size for a quoted.

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Wardrobe Doors

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors are a great way to add space to any area of your home. The mirrored wardrobe doors enhance any room; which will create an illusion of a larger room. We carry a variety of styles of wardrobe doors from Contractors Wardrobe. Contractors Wardrobe rate their doors in diamonds one being good and three being best. They come in many different designer looks for the whole family. Coming in a variety finishes.

For the kids room the chalk board is a nice option instead of mirrors. For a teenagers room, a cork board would be a unique feature for all of their posters and pictures.

We also offer Silhouette doors, which act as room divider. The sliding panel set up acts as privacy. Using the mystique glass is a popular choice. They allow light to pass through, but only diffusely. Objects on the other side are seen, but only as silhouettes. They cannot be clearly distinguished, adding privacy to large areas but offering functionality with the sliding capability. It gives a translucent and mysterious look to help improve your living environment. For more information Request a quote.

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