What makes Diablo Glass different that other glass companies?

Felix Sandoval started the company in 1957 with the determination to serve his customers with top quality products and service! His son, Gary Sandoval, has owned it since 1982. He still carries the same determination for perfection and striving to set industry standards for the best customer service and top quality in product as well as installation. We believe every customer should become a return customer. Coming back over the years always coming in and out with the feeling with great satisfaction with the product and the service they have received from the staff of Diablo Glass.

Here at Diablo Glass, we are not done until your job is complete, and you are 100% satisfied!

What is safety glass?

Safety glass comes in different forms: tempered and laminated. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces rather than large shards, giving less of a chance of serious injury. Laminated glass is made up of two individual panes of glass bonded together by PVB resin. This resin prevents the glass from falling apart when broken and makes it very difficult to break threw.

Can tempered glass be cut?

No. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces when broken and will do so if cutting is attempted.

Tempered glass is manufactured with heat to strengthen it, and so it does not break into jagged pieces. This glass is typically used in certain parts of your home varying from county to county.

How do I know if I have Low E glass?

Use a Bic lighter and hold about 1” from the outside the glass if you see four different shades of a blue tint, looking from the inside, it is probably low e glass. It probably will take two people. Or if it has a blue or grey tint, it is probably low e. There are several different Low E glass manufactures. Please bring in a sample or have a technician from our company come to your home for a service call to determine which type of Low E it may be.

How do I know if my glass is tempered?

If your glass breaks in to tiny pieces, instead of large sharp pieces, it is tempered and is considered safety glass. Tempered glass also has a small logo the size of a nickel in one of the corners that says safety glass.

How do I know if my window is single or double pane?

Double pane windows are two pieces of glass sandwiched together and vacuumed sealed at a factory, specially ordered on most occasions. Often “fogging” up, or loosing their seal and filling with condensation. When such happens, the pane has to replaced, and a technician or your contractor should always measure, there is little margin for error. There are such things to account for like the overall thickness. Single pane is one piece of glass and is easily determined, if it breaks, there is only one piece.

How do I measure?

A quarter is exactly one inch. A dollar bill is always 6”. A telephone book is 12”. Measuring a window, you should measure the daylight (what you can see). Single pane, unless tempered will be cut onsite. Double pane has to be measured and ordered with a quick turn around time. If you are measuring approximate shower dimensions for quote purposes, wall to wall. If there is an angle, the degree is helpful, there are two common, 90 degree and 135 degrees, please measure the return for a more accurate quote.

Should I install my own Shower door or tub enclosure?

Tub sliders are fairly simple and we can leave the header and track slightly longer, for jobsite cuts. There are standard heights. Pivot doors, and doors with panels are more complicated, and we recommend you pay the extra money to have a professional measure it as well as install it, considering it also comes with a one year warranty. Frameless shower door are tricky, there is little to no tolerance for error. We always recommend that we measure as well as install it. If you insist, we will order your glass, but we will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in your measurements.

Is my shower door 100% watertight?

Our showers are designed to prevent water leaks under normal water conditions when properly installed. Extreme water conditions such as children having a water fight, is excessive. It can result in leaks. Shower head nozzles should not be sprayed directly at your enclosure during cleaning.

Towel bars are not a grab bar!

Grab bars are available in many finishes. Your towel bar is not designed to support your weight. You should never hang from or stand on any of our enclosures.

How do I clean my shower enclosure?

Do not use abrasive or acid-based cleaners when cleaning your enclosure. Such can damage the metal and or glass. We suggest a non-abrasive scotch brite pad and soft scrub. Daily use of a squeegee is always recommended! The polymer treatment is highly recommended.

What is the Polymer Coating?

Like your skin, glass has pores or is “pitted”. The hard water spots adhere to the glass and etch the glass. People ask “How do I clean the hard water spots off my shower glass?” Often it is stained. The glass sometimes cannot be cleaned. When buying a new shower door we always recommend our Polymer Sealant. The sealant last for over three years. It seals the pores of the glass, preventing the glass from being stained from soap scum, hard water, and other debris. It is not “no maintenance”. It is “low maintenance”. We always recommend that you regularly squeegee your shower.

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