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Patio Door and Window Repair

Patio Doors ImagePatio doors repairs are just the beginning of the things we offer you at Diablo Glass. If your patio door is not rolling or locking properly or you have a window that is not opening the way it you would like, we can send a technician to your home and solve your problem and have the job completed in a timely manner. Email us from our Quote request page for more information.

Broken Glass Replacement and Screen Replacement

Everyone has had a baseball or golf ball fly through their window. Glass Replacement for broken windows is a breeze.  Call with an approximate size, we come to your home and cut the glass on site! If it happens to be a tempered or a double pane windows, we measure come back to our office, order, and install a few days later! Give us a call for all of your glass replacement needs. Or bring your frame into our showroom and save on the cost of labor! You can also Request a quote.

At Diablo Glass Company we stock most standard patio door panes for aluminum sliding glass doors, so if you call with an approximate size we most likely have your glass in stock.  Vinyl glass sliding door sizes vary and are always custom sizes.

We can come to your home and measure for new screens. They can also be brought into our showroom for measurement, with a quick replacement and ordering process. For an estimate Request a quote.

Pet Doors

Our pet doors are a very cost effective way to keep our canine companions from scratching the patio door. The panel that does not move is measured and is replaced with a new custom fit pane, with a custom fit new pane fitted with a secure pet door. They are available in a variety of pet door sizes. They are only available for double pane sliding glass doors. They are secure, with a design that makes them easy to close for security. Or just to keep your pets inside on rainy days. For more information Request a quote.


Ask about retro-fit windows and the new stimulus the government is offering for high performance glass! You can receive a stimulus of up to $1500.00!

Windows are a great way to give your house a "face lift". Retro-fit windows are an inexpensive way to give your home curb appeal. At the same time you are saving the fabric of your furniture, the color of your carpet, and money on your energy bill! Retro-fit windows will also cut down on noise pollution. We offer International, Mercer, and Blomberg Windows in a wide selection of colors and styles. Whether you would like clear or Low E glass you will be much more comfortable in your newly updated home! For a quick estimate Request a quote.

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